Only Mine - Cheryl Holt

Only Mine

By Cheryl Holt

  • Release Date: 2016-10-18
  • Genre: Histoire


CHERYL HOLT continues to dazzle readers with another sexy, dramatic tale of love, intrigue, and romance...

Benjamin Grey, was a young man when a mysterious scandal erupted in London that would change his life forever. There was no answer to the riddle that ruined him, and to escape gossip, he joined the army where he's spent ten years fighting for the Crown. But he's the contested heir to an earldom, so duty and family have called him home. With the legal proceedings finished, it's time for him to assume his elevated role, but it's a position he never wanted, and he's wary about embracing his future.

Annabel Fenwick is the daughter of a gambler and confidence artist. She grew up in an unconventional way, surrounded by her father's dissolute companions. At a young age, she learned to scheme and finagle and win any game she played. When she stumbles on the answer to Benjamin's riddle, she can't help but wonder if she should tell him the truth. Some secrets are too hazardous to be spoken of aloud, and in light of Annabel's dubious reputation, who would believe her?

When Annabel bursts into Benjamin's world, he recognizes that nothing will ever be the same. He's never met anyone like her, and he's instantly smitten. But danger follows her like a cloud, and with lives on the line and fortunes at stake, dare he trust her? Dare he love her? Only time will tell if she is worth the risk.